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Sharp-shinned Hawk with prey

Juvenile - Sharp-shinned Hawk with prey - Nova Scotia

Juvenile - Sharp-shinned Hawk with prey - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia I shot this close-up of a Juvenile(or Young) Sharp-shinned Hawk with prey through my downstairs window.

Eagle Tripple play – Three eagles in flight with prey

Three eagles in flight

I was amazed that I captured 3 different eagles all focused, in one image.

Eagle Fly by

Bald Eagle in flight

Eagle flying home with dinner

Eagle in flight

Eagle with kill

Eagle eating Gull

Eagle With Prey

Eagle with kill

Eagle With Supper

Eagle with supper

Beazley field, Dartmouth N.S.

Eagel Take off with full belly

Eagle in Flight

Beazley field, Dartmouth N.S.

Eagle with Kill

Eagle with Prey