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Great Blue Herron

Great Blue Herron

Cranky Little Goundhog

Groundhog teeth

Eagle Fly by

Bald Eagle in flight

Eagle flying home with dinner

Eagle in flight

Solitary Bee Face

solitary bee macro

  Very small solitary bee, length around 3mm. Shot 3:1 life sized, cropped.

Downy Woodpecker – Nova Scotia

Downy Woodpecker

Shot in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada

American Robin

American Robin

1mm Crab spider

1mm crab spider macro

This is about as close up as I can go with my gear.  Shot 3:1 life sized with heavy crop.

Cedar Waxwing

Cedar Waxwing

Gold Finch

Changing male Gold Finch

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Starling Snack

Starling snack

Another Jumping Spider

Jumping Spider Marco

2.5-3 mm leg span jumper. Shot 3:1 life sized

Nectar Collector

Bee Feeding Macro

Crab Spider Macro

A very small crab

A very small crab spider around 3mm leg span. Shot 3:1 life size with crop.

Jumping Spider Macro

Jumping Spider

First jumper of the season for me.. found this tiny jumper today on my house. About 2mm width,  shot around 2.5:1 life size with a heavy crop.

Eagle with Prey

Eagle with prey


Gold Finch

Blue Jay Headshot

Blue Jay Head shot

Eagle with kill

Eagle eating Gull

Eagle With Prey

Eagle with kill

Eagle With Supper

Eagle with supper

Beazley field, Dartmouth N.S.

Eagel Take off with full belly

Eagle in Flight

Beazley field, Dartmouth N.S.

Eagle with Kill

Eagle with Prey